Buyer's Best Practices

  • Decide how much house you can afford. Use an online mortgage calculator to see what your comfort level is and what you want your house payment to be.
  • Check your credit score. Know what it is and if there is any errors correct them before applying for a loan.
  • Go to bank and get preapproved. Know ahead of time how much house you can afford before shopping for one helps everyone involved.
  • Find a Realtor. Realtors will help protect buyers by showing them a variety of houses in their price range and then writing an offer that will protect a Buyer from paying too much or getting a house that needs a lot of repairs.
  • Research neighborhoods. Decide where you would like to live and check schools and other amenities that each neighborhood has to offer.
  • Make a list of things you want in a house.
  • Call your Realtor and go house hunting!
  • Get a Home Inspection. This will protect you from unseen problems in a home.

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